Butterball, Toto, Smartie, José and Beyoncé

Hi, my name is

Butterball, Toto, Smartie, José and Beyoncé


4 weeks


Russian Hamster


Male & Female


Grey & cream

Home Needed

Other Pets


All About Me

Hi, my name is Toto. Along with my brothers and sisters Butterball, Smartie, Jose & Beyonce we are now looking for new homes. We were born here a few weeks ago but we’re ready to move up in the world and find a home each to call our own.

We would each need a cage with lots of toys and enrichment to explore, and we’d love it if you could get us used to being handled as that’s still new and a little bit scary for us!

If you think you could offer either of us a home, please get in touch with the JSPCA! I’m told you’ll need to bring in proof of address, landlords permission (if you’re in rented accommodation) and a photo of my new cage!

It’s just £10 each to adopt us- which we are all definitely worth!