Sgt Pepper

Hi, my name is

Sgt Pepper


Arrived as a stray


Californian King Snake




Black & cream

Home Needed

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All About Me

Sgt. Pepper is a very attractive Californian King Snake who is looking for a nice new home. As he has proven himself to be a bit of an escape artist in the past (originally coming into the shelter as a stray and subsequently escaping again when rehomed!). He can also be quite grumpy when being handled, therefore he would best be suited to an experienced reptile keeper.

If you could offer him the home and give him the attention that he requires, please pop into the shelter and fill in an application form.

Viewings are between 2 and 4pm Monday to Saturday. We will need to see a recent proof of address and permission in writing from your Landlord, if you live in rented accommodation.