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Hi our names are Cheech, Chong and Klaus, we are 3 male neutered ferrets looking for a home together. No one knows how old we are as we were originally found abandoned in a house with a few other ferrets. You may recognise us as we were here not that long ago, we went out to our new home for a while but through no fault of our own we’ve had to be returned.


We are three very confident and bouncy individuals who need lots of space to play in and need someone who will pay a lot of attention to us and keep us entertained with plenty of enrichment and toys. We can be a little “full on” so we ideally would need to go to someone who has had ferrets before but this isn’t a must. We love each other so separation is not an option, we have lived with other ferrets in our last home so we are happy to do that again. If anyone is interested in our ferret squad then pop down and visit us at the shelter.


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