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Hi everyone, I’m Flopsy (also known as Little Lamb). I’m a beautiful 5 year old female rabbit looking for a new family to call my own. As you can tell from my nickname, I have the fur of a lamb and I’m extremely soft, I would love a family who could give me a good groom every now and then to keep my coat lovely and soft.


I’m a bit nervous of new situations, if something scares me, I will try and avoid the situation. But with a bit of understanding, patience and treats from my new family, I will come out of my shell in no time. I am a lovely girly once I get used to you. The staff at the shelter will happily explain to you what I will need help with. Due to having a few problems with a rabbit I’ve lived with in the past, I don’t want to be rushed with being introduced to another rabbit. Introductions will have to be very slow if I was to be introduced to another bunny. Ideally, I would like a male bunny friend who will have to be neutered. The staff say that due to my nervous nature, I can’t live with very young children, they say older children of 8+ will be ideal.


If you think you are the one to give me a chance, please come in and fill in an application form. Also please bring in a photo of the hutch and run I will be living in, landlord’s permission to adopt me if you’re living in rented accommodation and a utility bill as proof of address to make the adoption process quick and easy.


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A huge thank you to all the supporters on Jersey's Cat Community page for raising £1,500 through their recent squares raffle.

The list of prizes was endless! Well done everyone and to Chris Jackson for organising the fundraiser.

6 days to go! Who has signed up for the 5k #saveourshelter run?

This is going to be a great event and we would love to see as many people as possible.


6 days to go! Who has signed up for the 5k #saveourshelter run?

This is going to be a great event and we would love to see as many people as possible.


Can you believe that Chelsea is still searching for her new home? Please help us find her a wonderful new family before the end of 2018.

It's so sad and you would be making such a difference by adopting a rescue cat.

Release footage of a female Kestrel in our care in Nov 2018 - showing she made a full recovery!

Well done teams for all your hard work.

Please help us continue our work for many years to come - https://t.co/gWI4R0XvFb

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