Loki – Rehomed




1 Years Old


Snow Bengal






Hey, I’m Loki, a gorgeous 1 year old Snow Bengal. I came to the shelter 2 months ago due to a behaviour problem. You see, I’m a very anxious boy and I struggle to cope in new homes. When I feel scared and worried, I wee in places I shouldn’t. I really want a home that will give me time to settle and get to know me slowly. I’m easily stressed so I need as stress free a life as possible. So, my dream home would be with no other animals or children and would like some really quiet adults with hearts of gold and the patients of saints to come and get to know me. These lovely people will hopefully see how sweet I am and that I just need time to adapt to my home.


They will provide me with hiding places, a tall scratching post because I like to watch the world go by, litter trays in quiet areas of the house that will get cleaned regularly and a garden to hang out in once I’m confident in the house. I used to live indoors only and this lifestyle just didn’t suit me.


The staff at the shelter have been getting to know me and even though I’m still very nervous I’ve come a long way since arriving here. I will now come out of hiding around the staff and I don’t jump at every single noise.


I’m still a bit scared about the idea of people touching me, I don’t have an aggressive bone in my body but I’m worried about being stroked. Eventually with time I would like to feel comfortable with being touched, but my new owner needs to understand that I might not be a cuddly lap cat.

My new owners will have to come in to meet me quite a few times before taking me so they can get to know me and I can get used to them. I may have trust issues at the minute but please don’t let that put you off me as I could really do need a chance at a happy home.


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