Louie & Loki


Louie & Loki


8 Months Old




Male & Female


Grey  / Grey & White


Hello everyone. My name is Louie and this is my new friend Loki. We are 8 months old and looking for a new home. We came from different families and we met at the JSPCA. We have been getting on amazingly well and although we are not living together just yet, hopefully we will be permanent roomies very soon.

I am a lovely boy who’s very laid back and loves a fuss, whereas Loki is a little more nervous but I’m trying my best to show her that humans are really nice. With a little encouragement, she will be the cuddliest bunny ever. As there are 2 of us, we would love to have a nice, big hutch to run and play together in with lots of toys to play with and a nice area to cuddle up and chill in.

The staff will have to see a photo of the set up you have for us so they know we will have the space we need. I haven’t lived with children before but Loki has, the staff say that we could live with children of 6+ and know that Loki isn’t up for alot of cuddles just yet. If you think we could be the perfect addirion to your home, please come in and fill in an application form. Also please bring in a photo of the hutch and run I will be living in, landlord’s permission to adopt me if you’re living in rented accommodation and a utility bill as proof of address to make the adoption process quick and easy.


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A huge thank you to all the supporters on Jersey's Cat Community page for raising £1,500 through their recent squares raffle.

The list of prizes was endless! Well done everyone and to Chris Jackson for organising the fundraiser.

6 days to go! Who has signed up for the 5k #saveourshelter run?

This is going to be a great event and we would love to see as many people as possible.


6 days to go! Who has signed up for the 5k #saveourshelter run?

This is going to be a great event and we would love to see as many people as possible.


Can you believe that Chelsea is still searching for her new home? Please help us find her a wonderful new family before the end of 2018.

It's so sad and you would be making such a difference by adopting a rescue cat.

Release footage of a female Kestrel in our care in Nov 2018 - showing she made a full recovery!

Well done teams for all your hard work.

Please help us continue our work for many years to come - https://t.co/gWI4R0XvFb

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