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Hey everyone! I’m little Luci, I’m a little bunny with a big character! I’m absolutely gorgeous and cute and know how to wrap you round my little paws.

When I first got to the JSPCA, I was a frightened bunny, I’d come all the way from the U.K. and then was soon placed in the JSPCA, everything was totally new to me and I was frightened. So, I made sure all the scary people kept their distance from me by charging at them and grunting, it was kinda funny to see big people running away from me in fear but my carers decided this wasn’t nice. Not nice for me to feel scared and not nice for them to be chased away.

So they’ve been gradually getting me more comfortable with them cleaning my enclosure and I’ve made a few friends now! I’m looking for someone that can understand this as I could be quite frightened when I move into my forever home and my behaviour might be similar to what it was like when I first came to the shelter. What I would need is a hutch that’s at least 5ft – 6ft long and 2 ft wide with a large run attached. I would like some places in there that I can hide in if I’m worried about something and things to keep me entertained like balls to toss about and chews made for rabbits. I really like my excel food and veg (this is the best way to my heart) and I need good quality hay to munch on daily.

I’m quite a clean rabbit and like to toilet in my tray filled with sawdust so cleaning me out is quite straightforward. If you are interested, please pop in and see me, I hope I don’t sound too scary because I just need someone to give me a chance and see what a sweetie I can be!


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Help find Jacko a new loving home........he is such a wonderful, friendly Cockatoo :-) More info at
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Noddy is currently being cared for in a Guardian home whilst he searches for his permanent forever home. Please get in touch if you think you could help.
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Next on Noddy's CV - He makes a great office assistant! He is learning the ropes and will make sure you are getting on with your work.

Noddy would love to find a home where he can put his office skills to good use (or maybe just have a nap whilst your busy 😉).

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