18 months Old


Spanish Mastin X Labrador






Hello everyone!! I’m Pablo! I’m a handsome Spanish Mastin crossed with Labrador. I’m only 18 months old so I’m still a young fella. I have come all the way from Spain and I lived with a family in Jersey ever since I was a pup but recently I realised that I didn’t suit living with a child so I’m looking for an adult only home.

I would like someone that will like my quirky habits such as once Ive decided that I like going for a walk somewhere, that’s where I want to go each time, I’m not really interested in discovering new places. Despite my size I’m actually scared of new things and new places so I like to stick to what I know.

I also would like someone that will understand when I’ve had enough cuddles and that I would like my own space sometimes. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you?

One more thing that I’m told I need is someone that’ll be kind but fair to me. This means I’ve got to have a few rules to follow and my new owners don’t bend the rules.

My previous owners tried to introduce other dogs into my home but I really don’t like to share my stuff and I even told the cat off when she walked past my food bowl so could I please have a home with no other animals.
Please come in and meet me, I’m a real big sweetie. 🐾💙


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