Sassy Pants (Rehomed)


Sassy Pants


2 Years Old






Sassy Pants is an adorable sphynx cat and approx. 2 years old. She’s very affectionate, loves cuddles and finds it hard to choose between sitting on your lap for a tickle or exploring.

As she is a hairless cat she will need to stay indoors as her skin is too sensitive for the outdoors. She will need a home that allows her to explore, climb and jump as she loves being in high places.

Unfortunately Sassy has issues with her eyes and is a possible carrier of cat flu so she won’t be able to be homed with other cats but successful applicants will have the chance to speak to our vets to learn more about Sassy’s condition.

To speed up the process and become a successful applicant please remember to provide proof of address (dated within the last 2 months) and if you live in rented accommodation we will need permission from your landlord to keep cats.

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