Scooby & Velma


Scooby & Velma


Adult (unknown)




Male & Female



Hi my name is Scooby and I’m looking for a new home with my new pal Velma. We both came in separately as strays and the staff have put us together so we aren’t lonely. We have quite different personalities but the staff say we’re both equally as lovable. I’m very excitable and as soon as I’m comfortable I’m bouncing around the place and wanting attention. Velma is a bit more reserved, she likes to be peaceful but the staff think she will come out of her shell when she’s comfortable.

We can live inside or outside as long as we have a nice sized cage with lots of things to play with in it. We are both happy to live with other ferrets as long as there are slow introductions, we are both neutered and spayed so we can mix with either sex. We would make great pets as we are so loving and fun.

Please come down and see us at the shelter as the other ferrets have told us that not many people like our kind bit we don’t want to believe that.


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