JSPCA Dog Guardian Scheme

We are absolutely delighted to launch the ‘JSPCA Dog Guardian Scheme’.

We are looking for very special people who are willing to open their hearts and their home temporarily in order to help our dogs out whilst they are searching for their forever home.

Although we do our absolute best to try and meet the needs of each individual dog that gets disclaimed to the JSPCA, most sadly struggle with kennel life and it is absolutely heartbreaking. This is where you can help!

The JSPCA will provide everything that the dog requires so there will be no cost to the guardian – Food, beds, leads, harnesses, veterinary care, behavioural training etc. All we ask of you is to provide a safe and loving environment, a bit of time and patience and plenty of cuddles!

We are looking for full time guardians in order to allow our dogs to lead a normal life away from kennels. So if you feel you may be able to offer a JSPCA dog a lifeline in the future and provide a temporary loving home then please get in contact with us for more information.

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JSPCA Dog Guardian Scheme
JSPCA Dog Guardian Scheme