Exotics & Aquatics


Toffee is a 7 year old female cornsnake. She’s very friendly so would be a good snake for a first-time keeper.


Sid is a friendly cornsnake who came to us as a stray in June. We are unsure of his age or gender. He would make

Lavender (Reserved)

Lavender is a beautiful 6 yr old male cornsnake. He has a good temperament so would be ideal for someone looking for their first snake.

Jaws (Reserved)

Jaws the Red Devil cichlid: Jaws, as his name would suggest, is not the friendliest of fish. Jaws is a Red Devil cichlid which are


Phil is a brown cornsnake and is known to be male. He is roughly 9 years old and will likely need a more experienced owner

Sgt Pepper

Sgt. Pepper is a very attractive Californian King Snake who is looking for a nice new home. As he has proven himself to be a