Appeal for a new wooden kennel

***Special appeal***

The JSPCA are busy with multiple projects at our Pet Cemetery. Over the years, our empty kennel structure has become tired, weathered and we would like to place a new kennel at the site.

Would anyone be able to help? We are looking for a wooden dog kennel with a pitched roof. It must be in good order (no signs of rot) and also robust in structure.
The base dimensions need to be 58 inches (147cm)long by 35 inches (89cm) wide or as close as can be.

The JSPCA would be grateful for any assistance in completing this project. We can continue to honour and remember Smut and all of our beloved animals.

Our poem “The empty kennel” is being kept safe and we are looking forward to seeing it taking pride of place again.


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Larry and Teddy are our latest feline residents looking for new homes. You can find more info here

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Would you like to become a JSPCA event volunteer?

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Today is “Bring your dog to work” day and we are privileged to be one organisation promoting this event.
We are lucky to spend time with our canine companions as well as letting some of our rehomers join us in the offices whilst looking for new homes 🐾🐕🐶#Bringyourdogtoworkday

Come & spend this #Friday evening @jerseyraceclub for the mid-summer meeting. It promises to be a great event. Thanks to all the sponsors; special mention to Marjorie Meyrick, who’s sponsoring race #4 on behalf of @JerseyJSPCA. First race 6.30pm, coaches available from/to town.

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Appeal for a new wooden kennel
Appeal for a new wooden kennel