Rehomed Animals

2 plecos (Rehomed)

We have 2 plecos looking for new homes. The one pictured is about 4″ and we have another one measuring 2-3″ (different species). Please contact

Dax (Rehomed)

Hi everyone I’m Dax I’m a 18month old, German shepherd. I’m looking for a loving home to call my own. I’m a fabulous fun loving

Goldfish (Rehomed)

2 x large shubunkin goldfish 1 x black moor goldfish 2 x telescope goldfish 3 x fantail goldfish We would be happy to separate these

Kiki (Rehomed)

Kiki is a very sweet little budgie who sadly lost her mate recently and is feeling a bit sad and lost. She would love to

Sky & Charlie (Rehomed)

Sky is a beautiful female who is looking for a new home, with her mate Charlie. They are 1 years old, absolutely love each other

Max (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Max and I would love to find a home! I am a very handsome 6 month old guinea pig, I’m fairly

Moo (Rehomed)

Hello there lovely people my name is Moo! I am what they call a Syrian Hamster 🐹 I am female and I’m 14 months old. I came

Stray chicken (Rehomed)

19.07.19 stray chicken Found by AutoCare Garage, Route de Ebeneezer, Trinity Possibly a polish chicken – any help with identification would be great Please get


Hello everyone! I’m Squirdle I came to the JSPCA as a stray about a month ago. The vets thought I was about 5 weeks old

Alfie (Rehomed)

***Rehomed*** Alfie is an intelligent little Meyers Parrot. We are unsure of his age but know he is 5+ years. He is quite nervous of

Rosie (Rehomed)

Rosie is a granite cornsnake, we are unsure of her sex but believe her to be about 6 years old. She is very friendly and

Boris & Brian (Rehomed)

Boris & Brian are a pair of 4yr old Yellow Bellied Sliders who are looking for a home together. They enjoy exploring their large tank

Pancake (Rehomed)

Pancake is a lovely male bearded dragon. He’s very energetic and always wants to come out of his Viv and explore. He loves his insects

Kazuco (Rehomed)

Kazuco is an adorable 25 year old blue headed pionus. He’s a little nervous when you first meet him but after some time he’ll warm

Dusty (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Dusty and I’m in need of a very special home. I’m 6 years old and have been in the shelter for

Noodles (Rehomed)

Hi everyone I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Noodles and I’m a 13 year old female looking for her new home. I arrived

Sophie (Rehomed)

Sophie is a lovely little female budgie with a sad background. Sophie was found abandoned with her cage mate Buddy who was in such a

Bear (Rehomed)

Hi everyone I’m Bear  I’m a 3 year old cross breed, looking for a family home  to call my own. I’m a very sweet pup  and can be

Cyril (Rehomed)

JL33687 Stray rabbit 22.06.19 Now called Cyril Entire Male No microchip Found old fort road, Bonne Nuit

Tony (Rehomed)

Hi everyone my name is Tony and I’m gonna tell you why you should adopt me! I’m a very handsome 7 year old boy who

Lucy (Rehomed)

Hi, I’m Lucy, a loveable, friendly, sweet 12 year old girl. As you can see I’m a Jack Russell and typically, I have quite a

Jesse (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Jesse and and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself in hopes of being adopted. 1)I’m a 6 year

Goose (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Goose and I was brought into the shelter as a stray last month and unfortunately no one came to claim me

Indie (Rehomed)

Hi everyone I’m indie, I’m a 15 month old staffie cross. I’m looking for a family home to call my own! I’m a very pretty

George & Pepper (Rehomed)

Hi my name is George and I’m looking for a new home with my brother Pepper. We are 2 years old and we arrived last

Hamster (Rehomed)

Name: Hamster Age: 5 Months Old Breed: Syrian Hamster Sex: Male Description: Hi my name is Hamster and I’m 5 month’s old. You may be

Belinda & Puddle (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Belinda and this is my sister Puddle and we are looking for our new home. Our family unfortunately didn’t have enough

Bonnie & Clyde (Rehomed)

Hi, I’m Bonnie and I live with my friend, Clyde. We are around 2 years old and we’re looking for a new home to call

Edgar (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Edgar and I arrived as a stray earlier this month, the vets think I’m about 4 years old. I had a

Nick (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Nick and after spending quite some time at the shelter I’m finally ready for a new home! I came in as

Indigo (Rehomed)

Indigo is a little female Blue Faced Parrot Finch who is looking for a home. She used to live within a group of Finches but

Jester (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Jester and I’m a small male Russian hamster who’s looking for my new home. I got my name as I came

Nemo & Marlin (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Nemo and I’m looking for a home with my friend Marlin. We are both young adult males who came in to

Poppy (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Poppy and I’m a ten year old female cat who is looking for my purrfect home. I came in just over

Lenny (Rehomed)

Hi, I’m Lenny and I’m almost 1 year old. This is my second stay at the JSPCA already as the first home they found for

Toby (Rehomed)

Hello I’m Toby! I’m a 10 year old male tabby, I’ve been at the shelter for a month now and I’m ready to find a

Daisy (Rehomed)

Hello everyone I’m daisy, I’m a 10 year old shih tzu. I’m very sweet natured and am looking for a loving home to call my

Bolt (Rehomed)

Hi everyone I’m bolt, I’m a cairn terrier and I’m 5 years old. I’m a bundle of fun to be around and most of all

Nana (Rehomed)

Hi I’m Nana I’m a fun, loving Labrador and I’m just under 2 years old. I’m super affectionate and enjoy pottering around with a toy

Buttons (Rehomed)

Name: Buttons Age: 16 Years Old Breed: Cockatoo Sex: Male Colour: White & Yellow Description: Buttons is a very sweet 16 year old male Cockatoo.

Kali (Rehomed)

Hi my name is Kali and I’m an 8 year old tabby looking for a new home. I arrived at the shelter 1 1/2 months

Columbo (Rehomed)

Stray cat JC33025 12.03.19 Found at St Ouen’s lake (Been hanging around there for a while) Microchipped but not registered Neutered Male Very scruffy covered