Success Stories

These are some of our success stories sent in from their new owners. We love seeing your photos and receiving updates on how your new addition is settling in and enjoying their new life.


We are delighted that Bobby has settled in so quickly with his new room mate Roxy. Here they are enjoying each other’s company and looking


She’s still doing amazingly!! She spends her days following us around the house in the hope we’ll keep dishing out an endless supply of Sheba


Bear seems to be settling in well. He’s loving his walks on the beach and playing with his goose teddy!


Indie’s right at home and settled in AMAZING. Definitely one of the family Indie loving life, we love her so much such a fabulous doggie!


Hi please can you share this photo with the wonderful ladies at the JSPCA. Mimi moves out from our house and was handed in to


Lilly seems to be settling in well and already ruling the roost! She’s such a lovely little lady and I’m delighted that she’s joined our


Hey guys, quick update from Larry rehomed last week. He is doing well, still a bit shy but purring on daily basis now. Thank you

Cheech, Chong & Klaus

We were excited to receive an update on our 3 boys who spend over a year in our care. Cheech, Chong & Klaus are having

Button (formally Columbo)

Hi Guys, thought you might like to see that Button ( formerly Columbo) is learning to play… we love him so much already x This


Dear Babs, Zara & team   Indy and I would like to give the JSPCA a huge high five and paws up for such a


We thought you would like to see how Pepe (formerly Cruz) rescued in March is enjoying his new home. He’s the most cuddly hamster we’ve


Morning, As you can see he is getting on pretty well. He seems to have his routine in place and his sleeping spots are all


Jacko is settling in well at his new home 🙂        


Dear Team, Thought I would send an update on Nana.  Firstly, she is an absolute joy and a completely different dog to the one I


Here are a few pictures of Rosie settling in, As you can see she loves Sophie, curling up and blocking the stairs. She also enjoys

Biscuit, Kiwi & Bo

Hi JSPCA, I just wanted to update you on my new boys progress, 3 x rats called Biscuit Kiwi & Bo are settling down nicely


Two weeks ago we adopted this little fur baby and couldn’t be happier.   We decided to change her name from Toffee to Lumpia which


Hello lovely JSPCA team Just want to give you an update regarding Stripes. His name is now Kocio as he didn’t react for Stripes at

Daisy Dukes

We are so grateful to have rehomed Daisy (now Daisy Dukes), she is 10 years old and has already settled in really well. Daisy joined


Mitzy was placed in a temporary Guardian home and we were delighted to hear that they wanted to adopt her! She settled into family life


Jan 2019 I adopted Dexter (previously called fiver) 2 years ago in February and I thought you might like to see how happy he is!


We thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of Daisy, we have had her two years today and we can’t thank you


November 2018 – Marley This month marks 2 years since Marley was brought into the shelter by his previous owner. I fell in love with


October 2018: I adopted Zoe in the summer of 2018. She was described as a terminally ill old lady who spent a lot of her


(December 2018) Hi there just an update on Finn – he’s been here 7 weeks now and he’s just gorgeous. He mouths everything, has no


September 2018 – Update from Jinxy’s new owner   Thought you might like to see these pics of Jinxy. As you can see, he has


Alfie was rehomed from us nearly 2 years ago and we have loved hearing about his new life. When Alfie first arrived he had aggression


Bobby was rehomed from the JSPCA in December 2017. Here are a few photos of him settled into his new home 🙂 Bobby loves his


This is Emi (Emma), we rescued her from the animal shelter in October 2017, she’s a 7 year old tortie and white, she has something

Clover’s Adventures

Meet Clover who was rehomed from us as a kitten at the end of 2012, she was recovering from surgery and wasn’t allowed to go

Ben & Jerry

June 2018 Ben and Jerry they are doing very well, both have a wild personality but wouldn’t change them for the world.     

Greek & Trojan

We are delighted to hear that Greek & Trojan are loving their new home! Here are a few photos of them settled in and they


July 2018 Just want to let you all know a few months ago I got a bearded dragon from you guys and I love to


July 2018 – We adopted Tabitha (Tabs) back in November, and I just wanted to send you some pictures of her, she has settled in

Paddy and Bobby

A wonderful update on these two guinea pigs who arrived separately at the JSPCA. June 2018 – Snoopy now Paddy and Captain now Bobby. They


June 2018 – This is Pumpkin and Peanut. Peanut came to live with Pumpkin a few months ago when I picked her up from JSPCA


You may remember seeing April advertised as a stray but unfortunately she wasn’t claimed……. Well we are delighted that April landed herself a new home


June 2018 – We recently received a lovely update on Archie who is still going strong! A little note from Archie’s family – We’ve had


(March 2018) Pigeon went to her new home in March and has settled in well. She lives with her feline companion who was also rehomed


(Feb 2018) Coco (now renamed Dobby!) has settled in and here he is enjoying breakfast with his girlfriend Toffee! We both love our scruffy new


(June 2018) Hi everyone. I adopted Wolfie in January this year and thought you might like an update. Wolfie has settled in very well and


31.05.18 Sasquatch was rehomed almost two months ago and he has settled in so well       


(May 2018) We’ve been blessed with Sparky’s company for the past 6 years. We adopted Sparky from the Animal Shelter and haven’t regretted providing a


A quick update from Lenny’s new family (28.03.18) Hi just to let you all know that Lenny is amazing! Can’t believe how lucky we were


A quick update from Alice’s family (30.04.18) – I just wanted to update you and the shelter staff about how well little Alice is doing.


Our 1st Dog Guardian success story – A quick update on Ziggy ???????????????????? (19th Jan 2018) We are so pleased that the JSPCA introduced the guardian


We love a good foster fail story! This time we would like to tell you about Max! Our 2nd forever home found through the Dog


This is Mickey who is approximately 19 years old. I adopted Mickey from the animal shelter over 2 years ago, due to the passing of


My amazing and very special little man Bilbo, who came home just under a year ago. He had a few behaviour/attacking/screaming issues and was re-homed


The wonderful Marley who was rehomed by one of our staff members.