November 2018 – Marley

This month marks 2 years since Marley was brought into the shelter by his previous owner. I fell in love with his cheeky character immediately and was determined to find the best family for him. He spent 6 months looking for a home before his health declined and the decision had to be made to have him put to sleep or have a member of staff take him for end of life care. Obviously I couldn’t let this little man go so I brought him home for what was supposed to be the last 3 months of his life.


This was a year and a half ago, he’s lost an eye and some teeth but he’s still plodding along! Marley didn’t have the best start to life and I wanted to give him the best golden years he could get (even though we didn’t think we’d make it to years)!


I may be biased but the work that we do at the JSPCA is so important for the lives of animals just like Marley and so many others! Everyone at work have been so vital to helping Marley during the last 2 years. The vets have put up with me panicking whenever anything seems slightly wrong with him, the kennel staff take the best care of him when I’ve been away and let me know how he’s getting on, the clinic team have risked their fingers to give him his eye meds that he only tolerates from people he knows well (their secret weapon is cheese)! And there are always treats at reception for him whenever he’s passing.


Adopting an older dog certainly comes with challenges but it’s so rewarding to know how much better his life is and seeing him take every day in his stride. He’s just adorable and I can’t imagine life without him!


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