Ways you can help

The JSPCA care for unwanted, sick, lost, aged companion animals and wildlife in Jersey. We appreciate any and all help received from our generous supporters.

Ways you can help the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter continue it’s vital work:

Become a member – Please pop into reception and complete our application form. It will also be available online shortly.

Become a volunteer – Click on our volunteer page to find out more information.

Adopt a new pet – Help us give them a second chance.

Leave a legacy – We would be pleased to answer any questions about how you can support us. Legacies help the JSPCA to continue their work for many years to come, helping to prevent cruelty, promote knowledge and provide for aged, sick, lost and unwanted animals. Every year we care for dogs and cats whose owners have passed away. Even though a will has been made, making arrangements for their beloved pet are often unintentionally overlooked. The JSPCA Animals’ Shelter will care for these animals, look after them, comfort, house and feed them, as well as providing appropriate veterinary care, and we endeavour to find these pets loving new homes. Regardless of their age, we will always try our very best to find someone to love them.

Your legacy will not only help us to care for your pet if anything ever happens to you, but it will also ensure that we can help other animals who are suddenly, and maybe unexpectedly, left alone.

If you have ever had the pleasure of companionship, love and loyalty of a pet, please take a moment to think about their future without you. Make certain that they will be cared for – make a will.

Hold a fund raising event – We will offer you support, reading material and our branding. Please call us to discuss further.

JSPCA Animals’ Shelter Co-op share number – Use our share number when you shop: 315618

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We've got that #Fridayfeeling and Richard and Noel (rehomed) are settling in so well at their new home.

Check out some videos of them enjoying their new life :-)

Please help us to continue being able to find new homes for animals needing our help -


Noddy is looking for a new home. More info at https://t.co/QbQZ5k8FHu

#sos #saveourshelter #AdoptDontShop

Pop up to Fort Regent this Sunday from 9am - 2pm and grab a bargain! £1 entry fee and we will be up there too (number 137).

Please come and see hi, we have plenty of items on offer ready for Christmas.

#sos #support #donate

Our first Halloween themed animal day. We hope the children enjoyed it as much as we did! Jungle Jane flew in for a special show along with Scratch the talking toucan.

We love educating our next generation of animal lovers - please donate

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Ways you can help
Ways you can help