About Us

Our Mission Statement: “Prevent Cruelty, Promote Knowledge, And Provide For The Aged, Sick, Lost And Unwanted Animals In Jersey”

Our Services

The JSPCA care for unwanted, sick, lost, aged companion animals and wildlife in Jersey. We also provide a 24-hour ‘Animal Ambulance’ for emergencies.

Support Us

The JSPCA appreciates any and all help we receive from our generous supporters. There are so many ways you can help us improve the lives of these animals.

Do you know of an animal in need of emergency care?

Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm, please call us on 01534 724331.

For out of hours calls including Sundays and Bank Holidays, please call our Animal Ambulance on 07797 720331.

Animals in need of homes


Lola is a lovely 12 year old gecko who is looking for her new home.  She likes to spend her time exploring and, like most

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Nobby is an 8 year old African grey parrot who is very chatty and inquisitive. He mimics an interesting range of phone ringtones, as well

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Sandy (Rehomed)

Sandy is a very energetic boy who loves running around after toys and rolling around in catnip. He’s very friendly and loves curling up on

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Patches (Rehomed)

Patches is a lovely 2 year old rabbit with a lot of character and charm. She likes running marathons, digging and exploring the world around

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Chelsea (Reserved)

Chelsea is a very affectionate purring machine! She adores being fussed over and getting lots of head scratches and strokes, however she’s isn’t a fan

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Riley FAQs

Smiley Riley is still at the JSPCA and, even though we all love spending time with him, we are desperate to find him the forever

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Barking dogs

It’s normal for dogs to bark at home but it can be a problem for neighbours.  There are many reasons why dogs bark and you

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