This is Mickey who is approximately 19 years old.

I adopted Mickey from the animal shelter over 2 years ago, due to the passing of his previous owner. I knew Mickey quite well as I work at the JSPCA and he used to come in to see us for boarding.

When I adopted Mickey the vets had explained that we only had 6 months to a year left with Mickey.

Mickey was slightly over weight when we got him home and could only manage short walks. He had only 1 eye which had a cataract, the other had been removed and he was also deaf. We introduced him to his new friend champ who he would be sharing his new forever home with and they got on well from the start.

The first week we had Mickey he was very depressed and disoriented with his new environment! He would sleep a lot and spent most of his time in his bed where he felt comfortable. After the first week had passed Mickey decided to come out of his shell and became much more confident in this strange new environment he now called home. We gradually started to increase his exercise and got him excited to play with his toys and using his brain by giving him puzzle toys.

A year on Mickey had to have his only remaining eye removed and needed some dental work. Mickey’s forever vet Jo at the JSPCA did a fantastic job. We couldn’t have asked for a better vet. We have now passed the two year mark with Mickey and are thrilled to see how fit, healthy and happy this little super star is!!

He enjoys his hour long walks and the occasional 100 meter sprint. And loves his playtime, puzzle toys and kongs!! He occasionally enjoys a game of tug of war!!

But he’s generally a food motivated chap. Mickey also enjoys sunning himself in the garden and having a good cuddle on the couch before bed time.

Also he highly enjoys singing in his spare time, out of tune of course!! But we don’t tell him that. He is a joy to have around and he is a real character!! I couldn’t imagine life without my little cheeky chap! We hope we get to spend many more years enjoying this bundle of joy! I’d definitely adopt an older dog again.