Our 1st Dog Guardian success story – A quick update on Ziggy ???????????????????? (19th Jan 2018)

We are so pleased that the JSPCA introduced the guardian scheme as we were really keen to put our name forward to foster a dog. We have always wanted a dog, but felt that with the children so small, family and work commitments it was not fair to leave a dog on his own whilst we were not around. However, as children grow up and priorities change, now was the perfect opportunity to see just how we would cope with fostering and also at the same time giving a loving family home to a much needed pet.

We were first introduced to Ziggy at the JSPCA were we had the opportunity to play and interact with him. From the first moment we saw him, we knew that we just had to foster – he was so good, lots of fun and loved his cuddles especially knowing we had treats!
From that moment we met him, it was love at first sight – we had a call from the JSPCA inviting us back in the following day to get firsthand information on Ziggy together with his medical background. The following day, 1st December, we brought Ziggy home. To say he settled in so well so quick is an understatement, but settled in he did. He was at times a little nervous especially of loud noises and generally would either back out of the room or go and sit in his bed. He is still a little nervous, but now if the doorbell rings he lets them know he’s on the other side of the door )

With only a week gone by, we knew that we could not let Ziggy go and so it was an easy decision that my husband and I made to make him a permanent member of our family. Christmas this year was extra special with having that extra stocking to fill and more presents under the tree! There was a special card on the tree from Ziggy to our boys thanking them for giving him his forever home. At that point, they did not know that we had decided he was never going back.

A month on, and Ziggy had made himself at home. He is always behind us, as we move around the house, loves his walks (although still wary about other dogs) and only most recently have we let him off lead (when other dogs are not around). He is good on call back but again probably as he knows there may be a treat or two in it for him! Ziggy loves to play and his toy box has grown in the short space of time that we have had him – in fact, there is no squeaky toy safe from his teeth! He loves his cuddles and if and when he is left on his own, when we get back, you are guaranteed to be smothered in kisses. Our days/evenings are now spent with walks or playtime and lots and lots of tummy rubs.

Ziggy is very loving, obedient and easy to live with – we can’t thank you all at the JSPCA enough for giving us this opportunity to add to our family, thus giving Ziggy a loving and safe home to live in.