Clover’s Adventures

Meet Clover who was rehomed from us as a kitten at the end of 2012, she was recovering from surgery and wasn’t allowed to go to her new home for a while.
We have been spoilt with photos of Clover’s adventures so far…………

Clover has had many ops on her back legs but with physio and playtime her muscles have strengthened. She can sit and stand well now but is an indoor cat to avoid any accidents.

She loves her travelling box and after spending 1 year in Jersey, she flew with BA and moved to Gibraltar. Whilst living over there she enjoyed sunbathing a lot and she also had her pin removed from her leg as it had moved and was causing her discomfort. She became quite poorly and her owner was worried about loosing her.

Clover then moved to Spain and enjoyed a sea view and the rock of Gibraltar…………and continued to sunbathe and enjoy the sunsets.

Her past times are watching TV including Mad Men and Desperate Housewives! She enjoyed the coolness of the marble floors on hot days and discovered sitting in a bidet (but she never pee’d in it! ????)

After 1 year living in Gibraltar and just over a year in Spain Clover then moved to Guernsey and featured in the Guernsey Press.

Clover has been living in Guernsey for 2 years now and helps to celebrate the family’s birthdays too.

The family have said “It’s cost a lot of money to have her for her surgeries (excluded from pet insurance as it was a pre existing condition and if she gets arthritis they say that will also be excluded.) It’s cost a lot for all her vaccines every time we travel and for her travel box and flights but I didn’t want to put her through that again so when I moved to Guernsey we drove down through Spain and France over a few days and we got the boat over from st Malo”.

“She is worth every penny, she is my baby and I’d never leave her. I adopted her for life. Many people suggested getting her rehomed when I moved but the thought never crossed my mind and I wouldn’t entertain it. It cost so much to fly her to Gibraltar (via Gatwick then be driven to Heathrow where she had an overnight stop so we could travel on the same plane) I had to take less possessions as I couldn’t afford to take her and had enough boxes shipped to take everything I planned to…but she was worth it!”

The JSPCA has loved hearing about Lucky Clover………..what a well travelled cat and a purrfect match.