Dog toys and the dangers

Kennels are unable to use some of the toys that are donated to them due to the high risk of them being swallowed and needing surgery to have the toy removed. This surgery costs a lot of money and the dog usually takes at least 6 weeks to recover which means they aren’t allowed to run around and play and have to be kept on lead for their walks.


We look after a variety of dogs of various sizes and various behaviours when it comes to how they play with toys. Some dogs love to leap in the air to catch toys so we need to be mindful that it isn’t toys that can get stuck in their throats, some dogs will chew toys and swallow parts of it which can also lead to blockages and potential surgery and some dogs will just swallow toys whole as shown in the x-ray photo.


Attached is also a photo of one of the types of toys that we are unable to use. As you can see it squashes down flat really easily so dogs have no trouble swallowing these toys. Once they are in the stomach, the toy swells back to it’s original size and the dog is unable to pass it.


We hope this helps to clarify why some donated toys are not used with the dogs but are sold instead which brings in much needed funds to the JSPCA and your donations are still go towards the care of the animals.


Our supporters that buy those toys are buying them for their own dog and understand how their dog plays with toys.

We would like to thank everyone for their generous, thoughtful donations and continued support.