Heston’s final move

We have now launched a new JustGiving campaign and hope that we can count on your support.

Heston has been in our care for over a year and we have struggled to rehome her locally due to a special home being needed. We are delighted to have been offered a place at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to join The National Parrot Sanctuary.

As you can imagine travelling to the UK doesn’t come cheap and we are so pleased that Condor Ferries¬†have been able to offer us a discounted sailing rate.

The total cost to travel with Heston will be around ¬£600 and we would like to be able to fundraise for Heston’s final trip. Read more on her JustGiving page.

If you would like to donate, please follow the link https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Heston

Your continued support and any donations are gratefully received. Thank you from all the staff and Heston!