Dear Babs, Zara & team


Indy and I would like to give the JSPCA a huge high five and paws up for such a perfect match!  It was clearly meant to be the day I met him back on that rainy cold day in January and I was so pleased that the guardian scheme didn’t take too long to process so I could give Indy his forever home as soon as possible.


It was clear from the start Indy was quite a little chatterbox and the journey home was very chatty, he clearly had a lot to tell me!


He stole the hearts of my parents within minutes of meeting them and won me over during the weekend with his love, charm and character.


Indy has brought so much joy and filled a void in my life, I couldn’t be without him. We’re quite inseparable and go everywhere together!  He loves his Nanny and Papa day care set up and has wrapped my mum completely round his paws!  He quite likes my dad, for walks!  But is definitely a ladies dog J


For someone that wasn’t allowed on the bed or to dig in the garden, he’s doing everything he wants and why not!  He’s got more toys than the Pet Cabin and loves his raw food diet and treats of carrot and blueberries, Indy is very much the perfect dog and is even demanding his own social media page given all the photos he has to endure.