Thinking of buying a puppy

Are you looking to buy a puppy? The JSPCA supports responsible breeding and pet ownership.  Unfortunately there are unscrupulous breeding facilities out there that keep dogs in extreme confinement, don’t provide veterinary care and the dogs and puppies are kept in overcrowded ad unhygienic conditions.  The welfare of the dogs, mothers and puppies are not a priority for these breeders and they are kept in terrible conditions. This can have lifelong effects on the health and temperament of the dogs bought from these places.  These facilities are willing to take advantage of people wanting to buy a puppy so please be aware and choose a responsible breeder.


Here are some tips on finding a responsible breeder:

  • Gives lots of information in their adverts about the puppies
  • Is likely to have a waiting list for puppies
  • Insists you meet your puppy before taking them home
  • The puppies and their mom are kept in a clean and safe area in their home
  • Will ask you lots of questions about why you want a puppy and this particular breed.
  • Will expect you to ask lots of questions about the breeder and their puppies
  • They should be able to give you their vet’s details so you can ask the vet questions and you can check their worming and vaccination status as well as any health tests the parents have had
  • Will keep in touch after you’ve taken the puppy home – ask them if they are still in contact with previous litters
  • It is a legal requirement to have the puppies’ microchipped
  • You should meet the puppies and mum and see that they are obviously happy in the environment they are kept in
  • Be happy for you to meet the parents of the puppies so that you can be sure of their temperament
  • Understands the importance of and has started a socialisation program (see http://www.thepuppyplan.com )


Some signs that you are dealing with an unscrupulous breeder:

  • Not much information given in the adverts
  • They say that they can get you any breed of puppy you want
  • Won’t let you meet the puppy at their home before you purchase him/her and won’t let you meet the mother or the other puppies. Be wary of made up excuses
  • Meets you in a public place or has the puppy dropped off at your house
  • Doesn’t provide you with a vet’s contact details and hasn’t had the puppies wormed or vaccinated