Ambulance Team

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Give us a call on 01534 724331

8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday

9am – 5pm, Saturday

All other times, we can be contacted for emergencies on 07797 720331


The JSPCA’s dedicated Out of Hours (OOH) Ambulance team provides an emergency service when the JSPCA is closed. The team consists of professional individuals who take on the role outside their normal working day.

Each member goes through a detailed training process with regular refresher courses. Whilst the team members are not trained vets, they provide the first line of assessment and work closely with a veterinary practice if they consider further treatment is needed. The team provides a variety of services to ensure the welfare of domestic animals and wildlife, putting the wellbeing of each case as a priority. In practice it is not always the best action to remove an animal from its natural environment and provided the animal has no serious injury the team will advise on the best action to take, which to the untrained individual might seem incorrect. The team is always understanding and sympathetic to each caller.

A member of the public may call for advice and if it is not something the team member can provide an answer to they will point the caller to the appropriate organisation instead.

During peak seasons the team can be working until the early hours of the morning taking more than 20 calls per shift.

The team works closely with the various specialist animal agencies in the Island and the Honorary service, Fire and Police departments.

Each call is unique and sometimes can be very time consuming to ensure the best outcome, sometimes the call can be fruitless, and sometimes very unusual, but the public, if unsure, should always call the team for advice.

The team also provides a service of collecting stray dogs and working with the Honorary Police, to reunite the dog with their owner.

If you are interested in joining the team, please email info@jspca.org.je