She’s still doing amazingly!! She spends her days following us around the house in the hope we’ll keep dishing out an endless supply of Sheba which she absolutely loves but is sadly rationed!!

We’ve had no aggression for her at all. She lets everyone stroke her cautiously and we are working on grooming although she seems to want to chew the brush!! If she doesn’t like something we do get the occasional paw pat but it is very gentle and there has been no hissing, growling or lunging since she arrived, although she does still enjoy a good meow chat! At night she likes to sleep on the sofa beside me which is lovely.

The transformation in her behaviour is so dramatic that I hope it might encourage other people to consider adopting animals that might have been displaying difficult behaviour because they found their previous homes or being in the shelter stressful.

Watching her progress into an affectionate cat who is comfortable with people has been incredibly rewarding and we hope it continues for many years to come.

Thanks so much to the team for approving us to take her, we all think she is settling in perfectly and she is a joy to have in the house. Here’s a couple of pics: