Lichen the squirrel

In May a male baby squirrel arrived in our care after being found near La Route de Petit Mieles.
He weighed 72g and fully furred but his eyes were just opening so we estimated he was around 4 weeks old. He was cold and in a very bad state with blood over his face. After the vets had given him fluids he was given to a member of clinic to hand raise him although the prognosis wasn’t good. After a clean up we found the blood was actually coming from his nose and was causing him to sneeze so he had to be put on a course of antibiotics, decongestant and had a humidifier on near his cage.
Nicknamed “Lichen” and making really good progress, he moved into a bigger enclosure over time, started eating on his own and we could start leaving him at work over night. He finally moving into a walk-in enclosure and started breaking nuts on his own.
This meant he was ready to be released and we were delighted to see him back in the wild. Well done team.