Building work gets underway for our new small animal centre

We are excited to announce that a redevelopment has begun at the JSPCA site and the work is being undertaken by the ‘Brick Foundation’.

Who are the ‘Brick Foundation’? They are a charity set up by local construction industry specialists with the aim of putting something back into the community. They are made up of participating companies who offer their services and / or products free of charge or highly discounted. The Brick Foundation run fundraising events throughout the year with the aim of being able to pool these funds along with all the specialist resources they have at their disposal, to carry out one meaningful project each year.

This year we are very happy that they are carrying out possibly the biggest project they have attempted to date, here at the JSPCA!

The aim is to re develop one of the old kennel blocks and turn this building into a bespoke Small Animal Centre. This will house animals such as rabbits, rodents, reptiles and even kittens. The centre will contain purpose-built units to suit the specific needs of each species.

The estimated timescale for this project from start to finish is a mere 12-14 weeks. This is a seriously largescale project that would normally take many months.

The reason for this is simple. The JSPCA need to maximize the value and potential of the St Saviours road site, in order to be sustainable for many years into the future. Whilst in no way sacrificing the needs of the animals. This building will clear the way for all the future projects that the JSPCA has in mind in order to achieve these goals.


Steve Jewell:

“I’m extremely proud and grateful for my Jersey Construction Colleagues to come together, and pull off the Brick foundations largest project to date. Their generosity never ceases to amaze me, and demonstrates how strong their desire is to put something back into our community”.  


Andy Fleet (Project Manager – Bridgewater Property):

“When I visited the team at the JSPCA to see how our charity could help them, we had numerous project options, but we wanted and decided to go for the big-one. It was a very ambitious challenge and project size, but with a fantastic design team, contractor and suppliers, we’re about to get this over the line”.


Dominic Wilmott (Main Contractor – Hacquoil & Cook):

When Andy (Fleet) called me to explain what our charity was doing this year, we immediately said yes. The JSPCA is such a great organisation, and provide an invaluable service to Jersey’s community and animals welfare, and having now built this unit, this great service will continue to many families and animals for years to come.”