Pixie was rehomed to a lovely home in Sark in October 2019.

Pixie’s new owner got in contact with us in November 2019:

‘Pixie travelled really well and didn’t seem phased by her journey at all! She likes being up high so despite our best efforts to encourage her to sleep in a normal cat bed she’s decided that ontop of the cupboards is where her bedroom will be! … ‘normal’ is boring anyway!

She’s really full of energy and is enjoying exploring the house whilst she can’t be outside; she’s very playful and usually plays with her toys or will stalk any flies that have made their way in before heading off for a nap ontop of her cupboard!

In the evening she comes into the lounge and although she’s not a ‘cuddly’ cat she’s very happy to hop up onto the sofa and curl up asleep next to us.

Pixie is full of character and quirks (cat thumbs!) and is very happy in her new home on Sark – thanks JSPCA!’