Sid (formerly Scampi) was adopted from us in 2017. His owner got in contact with us in November 2019 with a lovely update:


‘Just wanted to let you guys know that this is (Savage) Sid or Sid (Vicious) previously known as “Scampi” by you guys and used to be your kitchen cat about 3 years ago (I think because he was too naughty to be in a run 😜).
So the boy is doing just fine and loving his solitary rural life. Sid loves affection but on his terms and only for a short amount of time (otherwise you end up with a ‘love bite’ 😬😳). He also finds it good sport to stand his ground against my dogs which is quite amusing ❣️
Anyway just wanted to touch base and say thanks for letting us adopt him – we love him dearly even with all his ‘special traits’’