Poe was adopted from us in September 2019. Hew new owner got in touch shortly after with a lovely update on how Poe had settled in:


‘Just wanted to send a few pictures of Poe now she is settled in! Its very rare to get a picture of her on her own as she prefers to be sat on me or cuddles up on my shoulder. She’s absolutely brilliant. Within 5 minutes of her being home with me she was sat in my lap happy and dribbling away! She can be a grumpy old lady when she isn’t getting enough attention. She sleeps on my bed snuggled into me or my neck and does not move all night! She spends most of her days asleep, on my lap dribbling or snuggled into me, she’s honestly so cute! She has bought a lot of happiness into my home She meows non stop at me at 10:30pm every night to tell me its bed time, and she doesn’t stop until I get into bed! Crazy cat!’