Kestrel Release 22.01.20

Yesterday (22.01.20) we had the pleasure of undertaking the favourite part of rehabilitating wildlife…. the release back into the wild!!

A kestrel came into us after being found grounded in a car park in Grouville.

On examination the kestrel had a swollen right eye and was underweight but was otherwise in good health.

Good vision is very important in birds of prey as they need this to hunt! If their vision is compromised in anyway this can impact their hunting ability which in turn can lead them to starve and become grounded due to a lack of energy.

He was tube fed via a crop tube with a special liquid carnivore care mix for his first feed with us to ensure he had sufficient nutrients from the start. He was administered an injection of pain relief to help with the pain and swelling. A tail guard was placed on his tail feathers to ensure no damage occurred to them during his rehabilitation. That afternoon and overnight he was offered cut up pieces of mice to entice him to eat by himself.

The next day he was successfully eating his mice by himself which was a great improvement. His eye was still swollen so a course of eye drops was started alongside the pain relief.

Over the following days he was closely monitored by our trained clinic staff and had daily checks with one of our dedicated veterinary surgeons.

A week after being admitted there were no signs of swelling on that right eye, his vision was not compromised in that eye, he was bright, eating well by himself and putting on weight. He was moved up to one of our aviaries on site to get him back to flying and build up his strength and muscle with the aim of release.

The next day Dave Buxton came to place an ID ring on one of the kestrel’s legs which is important for identification. Thank you Dave.

The following day the vet was happy for him to be released! The team were thrilled and our clinic team member Billy had the pleasure of releasing the kestrel.

This is why we are here, this is what we do and we cannot continue to do this without the support of the public. Please donate to help us continue to rehabilitate the wildlife of Jersey: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/saveourshelter

To view the release video please click here