The JSPCA Charity Shop

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact on fundraising events during 2020, it was decided that the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter needed a fundraising stream that would ensure sustainability and support the charity for the future. Having had many discussions and ideas over the past few years for creating a fundraising charity shop, it was decided that now was the time to press ahead and get the wheels in motion.

The aim of the charity shop is to help us to meet the charity’s charitable aims to prevent cruelty, promote knowledge and provide for the sick, aged, lost and unwanted animals in Jersey by providing an income stream and also a place of awareness of the work and services offered across the Island by the JSPCA.

We are very fortunate to have great contact with Joanne Doherty, manager of stationery shop Paperchase in King Street, who offered considerable storage space at their store to be able to house donations that were already being given by very generous members of the public. Joanne was also integral in the early stages of planning the charity shop, giving her experience and advice from 20 years in the retail sector.

Donations of furniture and display fittings from FatFace, along with items sourced from the general public via social media, have enabled the charity to save a considerable amount of money in terms of set-up costs.

The site was taken over in September, with teams of volunteers from Affinity Private Wealth and HSBC working tirelessly, painting and cleaning the premises and then moving fixtures and fittings into the shop. We are also grateful to Kelly Eastwood from RampArts Jersey who has painted several animals and birds around the shop floor to highlight the extensive work we do with domestic animals and the wildlife of Jersey.

We are so grateful to the team at the Cooperative Society, along with their contractors, for their construction of our fabulous dressing rooms, as well as providing advice and assistance along the way.

We are thrilled to say that the JSPCA Charity Shop is now open at the former Coop site in Sion Village, St John. The premises have been transformed from a convenience store to a charity shop selling good quality clothing, homeware, DVDs, books, toys and accessories, and making a real difference to our community and the lives of animals.

New and branded items will be available to buy at a heavily discounted cost from the recommended retail price and will be showcased on the JSPCA Charity Shop Facebook page.

At this present time, we are accepting good quality donations at the shop on Tuesdays from 10.30am to 3.30pm. It is hoped that this will be extended at a later date, so keep an eye on social media and in the media for up-to-date information.

The team at the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter would like to extend an enormous thank you to all those people involved with the setting up and running of this new venture and look forward to welcoming you all through the doors very soon.

The JSPCA Charity Shop is open from Wednesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm and accepts cash and card payments.