Microchipping Campaign

We are really pleased to launch our 2022 microchipping campaign and welcome all cat owners to make an appointment to have their cat microchipped for the significantly reduced cost of just £10 on Saturday 3rd September from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Bookings and payment must be taken in advance through the JSPCA Reception: 01534 724331.

When a stray animal is presented to the team at the JSPCA, we do our best to find the owner. The animal is scanned for a microchip (a small electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder about the same size as grain of rice, found between the shoulder blades on most animals) and, if one is located, we will look up the number on the database to obtain the owner’s details and then contact them ASAP.

We house the stray animal for seven days at the Animals’ Shelter. If an owner has not come forward within those seven days, we will get the animal ready for rehoming.

The time the animal is in a strange and unknown environment can obviously be reduced if the pet is microchipped. However, please remember that having the microchip placed is only the first step – the microchip must be registered in order to give you the best chances of getting your pet back. If information is missing or incorrect, your chances of getting your pet back are dramatically reduced.

It is important that you keep your records associated with your pet’s microchip up-to-date. Any change of address or phone numbers needs to be communicated with the microchip company as soon as possible.

If your pet was microchipped outside of the UK, it is important for that microchip number to be registered onto the UK database. Your pet’s microchip will be registered on another database which means your contact details will not be attainable.

“We cannot tell you enough how important we believe microchipping is for both pet and owner,” said Lauren Delahunty, Kennels Manager at the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter. “On average, we tend to find that 50% of cats that come in to the Shelter as strays are not microchipped. In 2021, 18 of the stray cats that came in were never claimed by their owners. Having a microchip with up-to-date details means that the time away from home is as short as possible. Reuniting pet and owner is our top priority, ensuring that the stress involved is reduced for both cat and owner.”