Thank you to the AJC

In 2021 we were very kindly gifted over £27,000 from the Association of Jersey Charities to purchase vital new equipment for our on-site Vet department: an x-ray machine and an autoclave.

Since installation in November 2021, we have carried out 785 x-rays on this new machine, creating digital images in approximately 20 seconds, compared to the six minutes it would have taken to create ‘a plate’ on our previous machine. This reduction in processing time enables our Vets to make a faster diagnosis and treat the animal in our care quicker, ensuring the time they are under anesthetic is minimised. We are now able to create 18 x-rays images in the time it previously took us to make one.

Our new autoclave machine was installed on 23rd February and has been in regular use. This is a machine that sterilises veterinary equipment after use and is essential to the operation of the Vet department, as surgeries cannot proceed without sterilised equipment. Since installation, it has been used 184 times.

We are so grateful to the AJC for always supporting the work of the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter.



Autoclave – sterilising veterinary surgical equipment.

Xray Machine, taking radiographs of a pigeon with a fractured wing so we are able to provide it with the necessary treatment and monitor its progress with regular xrays.

Pigeon with a fractured wing starting to receive treatment.