Advice for Islanders during gull nesting season

Gull chicks leave the nest at an early stage and it can be common to find a chick on the ground. A parent is likely to be nearby and can be aggressive. An uninjured chick must be left where it is in the care of its own parents.

Do not feed the chick, give it water or handle it, as this will impact on its ability to survive as a wild bird. If the bird appears to be in danger it should be moved only by a licensed professional. Injured gulls can be reported to the JSPCA by calling 01534 724331 or out of hours on: 07797 720331.

A list of licensed professionals can be obtained by contacting environment@gov.je

For more advice about gulls during nesting season, please visit the Government of Jersey website: www.gov.je/News/2023/Pages/NestingGullsAdvice.aspx