About the JSPCA

Our mission statement: “Prevent cruelty, promote knowledge, and provide for the aged, sick, lost and unwanted animals in Jersey”

The Jersey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) was founded in 1868 with the intention of attempting to change public attitudes towards animals.

The Jersey Animals’ Shelter itself was founded in 1913 by Miss Frances Elizabeth Wilson, who was appalled by the number of domestic animals found washed up on the Island’s beaches, having been drowned by owners unable to care for them

In 1925, the JSPCA formed a Committee to assist Miss Wilson in her work and in 1930, the Society purchased the present property on St Saviours Road. In 1936, the JSPCA and Jersey Animals’ Shelter amalgamated. This was a lifelong wish of Miss Wilson and took place shortly before her death.

The original building was used and worked from for over 80 years before the new building was erected in 2012 to the rear of the original property.

The JSPCA is a licensed animal sanctuary and we follow the Jersey Code of Practice for Welfare of Animals in Sanctuaries to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of care for both domestic animals and wildlife. We are also bound by the Animal Welfare (Jersey) Law 2004, in particular Part 2, Para 4 (2), and Para 5 (1) (c) which states;

4        Cruelty and unnecessary suffering

(2)     It shall be an offence for a person, without reasonable cause or excuse, to do or omit to do any act so as to cause unnecessary suffering to a domestic animal or captive animal.

5        Neglect and abandonment

(1)     It shall be an offence for the owner or person having care of a domestic animal or captive animal, without reasonable cause or excuse –

(c)     to omit to provide the animal with veterinary care sufficient to maintain the animal in good health or, where such maintenance is not possible, to prevent any unnecessary deterioration in the animal’s health or any unnecessary suffering;

We operate with due consideration of the above regarding any animal brought into our care, be it stray, lost, injured or disclaimed. This also includes any animal seized by other government bodies and placed in our care.

The JSPCA reserves the right to claim for all expenses incurred in carrying out its duties either under the Animal Welfare Law or for providing suitable transport, housing, veterinary care for lost, injured, stray or seized animals.


-Association of Jersey Charities Registered Charity number: 87

-We are registered under the general section of the Jersey Charity Register – Number 68

We are proud to be a member of the ADCH