Bobtail (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Bobtail (Rehomed)


One year




Female Neutered



Home Needed

Large hutch with run

Other Pets

Can live with other rabbits after a slow and patient introduction



All About Me

Hello everybody! My name is Bobtail and I’m a one year old female rabbit!

I’ve been at the shelter for nearly two months now and I’m finally ready for a forever home!

A little about me, I can be a little bit worried when people enter or move things in my hutch. I don’t like it when the staff try to add or remove objects at first, but I very quickly settle down. Unfortunately, other rabbits can stress me out, and I’ve been known to stomp my foot in annoyance when I know there are other bunnies about.

Outside of my hutch, I’m a very curious bunny that likes to investigate everything, and I don’t mind a little pat if I know it’s coming. I think I could get on with another rabbit if the time and patience was taken to do it slowly and at my own pace. If you are willing to be patient with me, I think I will make a very sweet addition to your family!

Are you as curious about me as I am about you? Then come and say hello, and visit me at the JSPCA! If you think I’m the perfect bunny for you, you can fill in an adoption application at the JSPCA or online. Please bring in proof of address for the past 2 months, land lord’s permission if you’re in rented accommodation, and photos of the hutch I’ll be living in. This will make the process quick and easy! The staff may need to carry out a home visit to make sure I’ll be happy and healthy in my new home.

I am a minimum donation of £60 (which I am definitely worth). I am neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

I look forward to meeting you!!