Eminem (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Eminem (Rehomed)


2 years







Home Needed

Suitable cage

Other Pets



Yes, over 10 years +

All About Me

Calling all hamster lovers 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 my name is Eminem and I am a 2 year old hamster!
I’m looking for a home to live out the rest of my days, filled with love and snacks 🥬🥦
The team at the Animals’ Shelter say I’m definitely not a morning type of hamster as I don’t like being woken up! 🔕🔇
I love snacking on the occasional dry mealworm…or any treat for that matter! 🥰
I can live with children aged 10 years + as long as they respect my space when I want to lounge around 😴
If you think you have the perfect home for me, please fill out an application form online or pop in to Reception to fill one out : https://jspca.org.je/2019/07/15/adopt-another-animal/ 📱💻
Also, please bring in a photo of the cage I will be living in, Landlord’s permission to adopt me if you’re living in rented accommodation, and proof of address 🏘🏠🏡
I am a minimum donation of £10 to the JSPCA (which I am definitely worth).
I look forward to meeting you ❤️🥰