Hop (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Hop (Rehomed)


4 months




Male Entire


Ginger and White

Home Needed

Indoor Cage

Other Pets

Fine (in household)


Fine under supervision

All About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Hop and I’m in need of a loving home! 🐹

I’m a male, 4 month old Syrian hamster.

I like sleeping a lot, usually you will find me curled up in my bedding, but I do enjoy coming out and have a cuddle 🥰

I can live with children as I did in my in my last home. I’m quite good at being handled, although I get a bit surprised sometimes when hands come towards me. 😯

If you think you could offer me the perfect home, please come in to fill out an application form or register online. 💻

Please bring in a photo of the cage I’ll be living in, landlords permission if you live in rented accommodation and a proof of address. This will make the adoption process quick and easy, we also ask for a minimum adoption fee of £10 (which I am definitely worth!). 🤗

I’ll hopefully see you soon 🐹🧡