Jacko (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Jacko (Rehomed)


25 Years Old


Sulphur crested Cockatoo





Home Needed

Indoor/ or outdoor

Other Pets



Older children

All About Me

Jacko (Jaqueline) is a very sweet 25 yr old sulphur crested Cockatoo. She has had to come back to the JSPCA as she seemed to be suffering with separation anxiety when her owners work hours increased, she began feather plucking and screaming for them not to leave.
Jacko bonds strongly with women and can get jealous with men, she also has a short temper with young noisy children.
Jacko is super loving, cuddly and loves a head, neck or wing scratch. Jacko is used to and indoor home and likes to spend a lot of her time outside her cage. Jacko can fly but is harness trained, so if you wish she can safely explore outside without getting lost. If she is going to live indoors she’ll need a cage in a well ventilated but not too drafty room as air quality is very important for birds. Also because of their intelligence all parrots need enrichment and regular interaction with either people or their own kind.
If you are interested in adding this lovely lady to your family please pop in between 2 and 4 pm and fill out an application form to meet her or register online https://jspca.org.je/register-to-adopt/.
If you wish to reserve Jacko we will need proof of address dated within the last 2 months and if you live in rented accommodation we will need permission for you to keep this species from your landlord.