Jason (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Jason (Rehomed)


2-3 years






Beige and brown

Home Needed

Suitable cage or hutch

Other Pets

Yes, I'd like some ferret friends


Yes, over the age of 10 years+

All About Me

Jason is still getting used to people so is a little nervous, but he has been playing with us while in his bed and has shown with time he’ll become a real cheeky boy. He can live with children aged 10 years + as he’s still a little noise sensitive. He enjoys a little bit of chicken and this can be used to make friends with him. He would like to join a group of ferrets of any sex.

If you are interested in adopting a ferret, then you will need to bring in proof of address from the past 2 months and Landlord’s permission if you’re in rented accommodation.

Register to rehome: Register to rehome: Small Furries, Birds, Aquatics or Exotics – JSPCA If you’re a match, we will get in contact with you.