Kermit (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Kermit (Rehomed)






Male Neutered



Home Needed

Indoor rabbit or large hutch/shed with run

Other Pets

Ideally to live with a female companion rabbit



All About Me

Hi, my name is Kermit 🐸💚

I’m an absolute cutie pie with loads of character! I’m a very confident and friendly boy that is looking for a forever home please 🐰

When I’m in my hutch, you’ll find me either having a snooze, munching on my hay or up on my perch checking what’s going on in the world. I like being given toys that I can throw about, they often end up in my water bowl so that needs refilling a couple of times a day but no one seems to mind 💧

I really enjoy being out of my hutch and having the chance to run about and play. That’s when you’ll get to see why I’m called Kermit, I love a good hop about! I also get the zoomies and race about all on my own every now and then just cos I can! 🙃

I’m a great little rabbit, if I do say so myself, I’m very easy to handle, very clean because I only toilet in one area and I give kisses once I know you. I’m also very entertaining, what more could you want?😍

I’d love to either be an indoor rabbit so I can be with my family a lot, or to have a big home in the garden, a shed or a minimum hutch size of 5x2x2 feet and a run. It would be really great if I could get a female friend, either now or in the future, as I like company 🥰

If you are interested in adopting me then you will need to bring in proof of address from the past 2 months and landlord permission if you’re in rented accommodation. The staff will also need to see pictures of my home 📸

I am a minimum adoption fee of £60 (which I am definitely worth!) I am vaccinated, microchipped and neutered ✅