Lucy (Rehomed)

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Lucy (Rehomed)




Jack Russell Terrier





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All About Me

Hi, I’m Lucy, a loveable, friendly, sweet 12 year old girl. As you can see I’m a Jack Russell and typically, I have quite a lot of energy. I love long walks especially in quiet places and then I enjoy lazing about in the sun in the garden for hours. I’m very friendly with everyone I meet, even the postman!

I love having treats to chew on and then I go and bury them in the garden to save for another day so don’t be surprised when you uncover old dentastix when you’re doing a bit of gardening.

I’m not very comfortable around other dogs so I do bark at them to tell them to give me space but please don’t let that put you off as I have been able to make a few dog friends, I get on well with calm, quiet dogs but I don’t like dogs that want to play, I have a bit of arthritis and I’m worried they’ll hurt me.

I don’t like to be on my own so I’m looking for someone that’s at home most of the day or can take me out with them. I’m happy to wait in the car while you do your shopping but I can’t be left in the car on hot days. If I have to be left home alone, I prefer to be kept in one room with a cozy bed, a few snacks and no windows looking out or I’ll bark at everything going on outside.

I can live with children for the ages of 5 but this does depend on how well introductions go at the shelter. I can’t live with a cat and I’m better suited to being the only dog in the house.