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Springer Spaniel




Brown and White

Home Needed

Loving Home

Other Pets



Yes, 14+

All About Me

This is Molly đź’—
Molly is a 5 year old springer spaniel looking for a very special home to call her own.

Molly is the most adorable girl. Initially she is a little nervous of strangers but once she gets to know you (which doesn’t take long at all) she loves snuggling into your legs for a cuddles and her favourite thing to do is to play with her toys!

Molly would love a home with no other animals & children aged 14+ depending on introductions & minimal visitors until settled. Molly is uncomfortable around other animals and for this reason is muzzle trained and happily wears her muzzle on her walks. She is happy to be left for a maximum of 4 hours, as long as she has her tennis ball & things to keep her busy- such as a chew & a few puzzle toys.

If you have a suitable home for Molly💗 please fill out a form!! If you already have a form please contact us if you are interested. The JSPCA have loads of application forms to get through, so they will only contact homes that would be suitable. We will need landlord permission & proof of address.