Patrick, Boop and Arthur Von Ferret

Hi, my name is

Patrick, Boop and Arthur Von Ferret


Adult Males




Male Neutered



Home Needed

Indoor or Outdoor

Other Pets

Fine, can live with other ferrets


Fine under supervision

All About Me

Hello everyone we are the three stooges, my names is Patrick I’m the cheeky one, this is my brother Boop the closet trouble maker and my other brother Arthur Von ferret or Von for short, he’s the nervous but fun boy.

We all came into the shelter as strays. The staff have spent a lot of time with us all and we have started coming out of our shells more and so we are ready to start telling the truth about us.

I’m Patrick and I’m a cheeky monkey who loves coming out for a run but good luck catching me though as I’m very fast! I love rolling around in a litter tray full of newspaper and chasing noisy balls and feathers are the best thing in the world !!

I’m Boop! I seem nervous at first but once I’m comfortable I also love coming out for a run and digging is amazing. I am a cheeky fellow when comfortable and me and my brother Patrick love getting worked up and rolling around our cage!

I’m Von (Arthur Von ferret) I like to stay in my bed at the moment but when you spend enough time with me I do come and play. I like to steal rope toys! I’m slowly getting used to coming out into a secure area with lots of room to play!

We all absolutely love chicken and liver bites, shake a bag and we’ll come running 😋

If you think you have the prefect home for us, pop in and fill out an application form. Also please bring in a photo of the cage we will be living in, landlord’s permission to adopt us if you’re living in rented accommodation and proof of address. We ask for a minimum donation of £120 for the three of us. We are all neutered and microchipped. all of this will make the adoption process quick and easy, we look forward to having a sniff and a play!