Scratch and Smudge (Rehomed)

Hi, my name is

Scratch and Smudge (Rehomed)


7 years


Yellow Bellied Slider





Home Needed

Tank with Basking Area

Other Pets



Under supervision

All About Me

Scratch & Smudge are two lovely little male 7 year old yellow-bellied sliders looking for a home together.


This handsome pair are the best of friends; when they aren’t basking on the rocks under their heat lamp or exploring their large tank for tasty bits of food they’re often found playing and chasing each other under the water!

Although these boisterous boys don’t enjoy being handled too much they’re extremely entertaining to watch roaming around their tank!

If you think you can offer this sweet pair a home, you can pop into the JSPCA to say hello and fill in an application form between 2 and 4pm Monday to Saturday. You should bring recent proof of address from the last two months and permission in writing from your Landlord, if you live in rented accommodation.