Buttons (Rehomed)




16 Years Old






White & Yellow


Buttons is a very sweet 16 year old male Cockatoo. He is shy at first but once he has bonded with you he’ll chat away saying “hello Button”, “Whatcha doing” and many more sayings he’s picked up.

Cockatoos are very much like children in their intelligence and their tantrums, Buttons has been disclaimed for the noise he can make when he throws a tantrum and will scream for attention. Although there is this noisy downside to Cockatoos they can be very loving creatures and will create an extremely strong bond with their owners. Many parrots seem to prefer one gender over others and in his previous home Buttons has shown a strong bond towards men although I wouldn’t discourage anyone else from inquiring about Buttons as while being here he has warmed up to some of the female employees.

Buttons is used to living in a cage inside a house but will require time out of his cage regularly. As Buttons can’t fly he prefers to walk around the house looking for paper or cardboard boxes to play with. Buttons will need a warm home that’s well ventilated as fresh air is extremely important for all birds’ health. Buttons has had some issues with feather plucking and so vet advice will be offered to any successful application on how to combat this.

If you can offer Buttons a home, please get in touch.


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