Pablo (Rehomed)




Nearly 2 years old


Spanish Mastin X Labrador






Hello everyone!! I’m Pablo! I’m a handsome Spanish Mastin crossed with Labrador. I’m nearly two years old so I’m still a young fella. I have come all the way from Spain and I lived with a family in Jersey ever since I was a pup but recently I realised that I didn’t suit living with a child so I’m looking for an adult only home.

There are lots of things that I love, I really like destroying boxes so I can help you with your deliveries if you’d like, I love playing fetch with my toys and I also like a game of football, sometimes I like to be funny and not share my toy with you but I want you to chase me and I’ll chase you back, it’s loads of fun, I promise!  I like chasing leaves so I love windy days! I also like the rain and sometimes I slip and get all muddy but it’s the best fun a boy can have! You can join me if you like!!  Even though I’m a big dog, I don’t need loads of exercise, maybe two half hour walks or a gentle one hour stroll will do me. I like relaxing too, so I’d like my own bed please, this doesn’t mean I won’t lie on the couch or your bed but sometimes I just want to have my own space.

I can be fussy about where I go for walks, I will decide where my favourite place to go is and I’ll let you know, I’m cheeky like that but so far everyone loves my cheeky habits.

One more thing that I’m told I need is someone that’ll be kind but fair to me. This means I’ve got to have a few rules to follow and my new owners don’t bend the rules, they aren’t difficult to follow honestly!  At the moment I’m learning recall and I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself.  I’m very good at sitting if I’m asked to and I’ll drop my toys if you ask nicely although, come to think of it, I’m not always good at that, it’s a work in progress! I’m not very confident about getting into cars, especially very small ones so we are working on that at the moment too because I’m going to have to leave the shelter one day.  I’m not a fan of walking near lots of traffic but I love open spaces, I like them a lot!  I also love visitors! I get so excited, I get the zoomies, this is so much fun!! Sometimes I get a little over excited and jump up, no one seems to like that so I don’t do it very much, it’s just when I’m so happy to meet someone, I can’t contain all my energy! I do try though.

My previous owners tried to introduce other dogs into my home but I really don’t like to share my stuff and I even told the cat off when she walked past my food bowl so could I please have a home with no other animals.

I’m happy to be adopted by someone that works as long as someone can pop in and visit me during the day to break up my day and I would like a garden please but preferably not a communal space.

Please come in and meet me, I’m a real big sweetie.



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